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POSSCON – All Things Open

POSSCON is hosting All Things Open in downtown Raleigh this fall. If you like and work with open source/open tech/the open web  there will be no better place on earth to be October 22 & 23.  


All Things Open


This iPhone App Can Spot Skin Cancer Quicker Than Your Doctor

With a $500 dermscope addition you can check yourself for cancer.


iPhone App

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Healthcare’s Next Phase: Think Amazon

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Could Google Glass help doctors save lives?

Many groups see google glass as an opportunity to provide the clinician an additional channel to review patient information, however, a greater benefit is adding a remote physician into the room with the patient.   It might be the new telemedicine disrupter.


Google Glass


Do It Yourself TeleMedicine is OK – If you have help

While the "Dangers of do-it yourself telemedicine" are not really dangers (article below), they should be considered challenges to building a reliable system.  When starting a new project (or upgrading an old) it is always advisable to bring in outside talent to assist with reviewing the options.

Dangers of Do-It Yourself TeleMedicine


One Of America’s Largest Hospitals Brings Google Glass Into The ER

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has decided to try some "disruptive technology" in their ED by using Google Glass as a telepresence platform. This might be a better way for multiple clinicians to interact with the patient. Trying to maneuver around robots, carts, and cameras can be "disruptive" to practicing medicine.

The Article


7 Different Federal Definitions of TeleHealth


FierceHealthIT - 7 Different Federal Definitions of TeleHealth

The Study

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iRobot’s Ava 500

iRobot is offering a new "drivable cart" as a high-end telepresence option.   At close to $70k you can either buy (or lease for $2.5k/month) one of these, or 10  carts from DoubleRobotics or  VGo).

Ava 500



Physicists, Generals And CEOs Agree: Ditch The PowerPoint

Interesting read on NPR about the move away from PowerPoint.   PowerPoint was first pushed on me back in 1987 by an ex Microsoft employee who wanted to use everything MS.   Over the years it has proved useful in many instances but it always seemed like "Cliff Notes" - Great if you want to skim over the material.



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Apple Leaps Into The World Of Health

Not unexpected - Apple is joining the rush into health tracking.