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Open Source 101 – Columbia, SC – April 17, 2018

The purpose of the event is simple - to provide an on-ramp for those new to open source (current professionals and students) and those simply needing a refresher on fundamental and foundational topics. World-class speakers will deliver talks on the tools, processes and emerging technologies integral to open source.


Open Source 101


OSCON Moves to Austin, TX – May 16-19

Registration has just opened for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, aka OSCON. It's happening May 16–19 in Austin, TX and Best Price is available now through February 25.
This year at OSCON the world's open source communities will gather once again to bring you training, news, insights, and best practices. You'll hear from brilliant speakers and enjoy fantastic networking opportunities and extracurricular events. You'll find:
When you look at the schedule, you'll find carefully selected tutorials, sessions, keynotes, and speakers that address the issues and challenges you deal with constantly. But a few things have changed:
  • OSCON is happening much earlier this year—in May rather than mid-July
  • Scott Hanselman and Kelsey Hightower have joined Rachel Roumeliotis as new OSCON program chairs (and you'll like what they're bringing to the program)
  • OSCON is taking place in Austin, TX, where the city slogan is "Keep Austin Weird." Sound familiar?
OSCON is the gathering place of today's technology professionals. Mark your calendar now. And if you want to really impress your boss, register before February 25 and get the best price possible.

Great Wide Open – Open Source Conference – Atlanta – March 16,17 2016

If you like open source and open technology, the Great Wide Open conference will take place in downtown Atlanta at Georgia Tech on March 16 + 17. It's a bit of a drive for many of you we know, but do know it will offer excellent content. In addition, Early Bird pricing is in effect until the first 150 are sold or through January 24th – both days for just $99.


Great Wide Open


POSSCON 2016 – Cancelled

Below is an update from IT-oLogy

While the 2015 conference was very successful – more than 850 registered – the decision has been made to postpone POSSCON until 2017. It was a tough decision to make, but a prudent one. IT-oLogy's primary goal and focus is to deliver technology education programs, and the conference this particular year would have impacted the organization's ability to do that in a variety of ways. As a result, the best course of action is to come back strong in the future. We apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience and hope you'll consider supporting the event moving forward. We have always greatly appreciated the support of the community, and we sincerely hope it continues. In addition, please take a look at IT-oLogy's programming and consider getting involved.





Join the world’s top developers, technologists and decision makers as we explore open source, open tech and the open web. Two days of keynotes, talks, tutorials, workshops and networking opportunities in Columbia, SC.


13Aug/150 compiled a comprehensive list of over 300 open source projects in healthcare

In 2010 the Medfloss website was founded with the mission to provide a comprehensive and structured overview of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects in the domain of health IT. An open and interactive platform was established where people can add, rank and comment projects.

Considering the actual results the mission is fulfilled. currently hosts:
- 315 medical FLOSS projects that can be browsed by application type, enterprise function, standard and popularity
- 103 companies and other institutions that are offering professional service for specific FLOSS projects
- 270 references to scientific publications about the utilization of FLOSS in health care
- a detailed overview of past and future FLOSS events like the Med-e-Tel 2015 Open Source Village or MEDINFO 2015 Workshop: Free/Libre/Open Source Software on eHealth toward universal health coverage

Our cordial thanks goes to all the contributors that already made and hopefully will continue to make use of the open content concept by revising/extending existing information or adding new content!
For more information about the site and its objectives please refer to the mission statement or just visit the Bazaar of Medical Free/Libre and Open Source Software at

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POSSCON 2015 – New Speakers & New Venue Announced

Join the world’s top developers, technologists and decision makers as we explore open source, open tech and the open web. Two days of keynotes, talks, tutorials, workshops and networking opportunities in Columbia, SC.

Register Now



Posscon is on for 2015 - details to follow.



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POSSCON – All Things Open

POSSCON is hosting All Things Open in downtown Raleigh this fall. If you like and work with open source/open tech/the open web  there will be no better place on earth to be October 22 & 23.  


All Things Open


Physicists, Generals And CEOs Agree: Ditch The PowerPoint

Interesting read on NPR about the move away from PowerPoint.   PowerPoint was first pushed on me back in 1987 by an ex Microsoft employee who wanted to use everything MS.   Over the years it has proved useful in many instances but it always seemed like "Cliff Notes" - Great if you want to skim over the material.



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